Bulldog Dad Needs A Break

  Bulldog Dad Needs A Break
Bulldog Dad Needs A Break

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  • Headline: Bulldog Dad Needs A Break
  • Caption: BULLDOG DAD NEEDS A BREAK Video Unique id 1402832 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS- Adorable footage from Belleview, Florida, has captured the moment a bull dog dad finds the perfect spot to catch a much needed break from his NINE puppies. Jenny Chamberlin shot the video when she noticed the rambunctious pups were in the mood for play. “We have 2 English bulldogs, Fiona (mom) and Sir Spanky (dad) and their nine puppies,” says Jenny. Sir Spanky (seen in the video) is generally well spirited, but is sometimes overwhelmed when all nine of his puppies want to play. SEE CATERS COPY Published 05 July 2017 Created 05 July 2017
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