Mayhem Triplets

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  • Headline: Mayhem Triplets
  • Caption: Mayhem Triplets Video Unique id 1406143 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS - These cheeky triplets have been caught causing mischief at home in a series of hilarious clips filmed by their glamorous mum. Dolly, Annie and Gerard Smith, now 17 months old, from Liverpool, can be seen covering themselves in pasta, pushing one another into walls, sliding down the stairs and even using one another as human stools. Their mum, Kate, 35, has been overruled by her mischievous tots and has managed to film a number of their antics to show her family and friends. The make up artist has her hands full, and cannot even begin to start cleaning her home until the triplets have gone to bed. See Caters Copy Published 14 July 2017 Created 14 July 2017
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