Girls Paddleboard With Sharks

  Girls Paddleboard With Sharks
Girls Paddleboard With Sharks

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  • Headline: Girls Paddleboard With Sharks
  • Caption: Girls Paddleboard With Sharks Video Unique id 1411365 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS - This incredible footage shows the moment FIVE Great White sharks surrounded two bikini-clad paddleboarders. The awesome video was filmed by Mark Romanov and Forrest Galante just off a beach in Southern California and shows brave duo, Kelly and Jessica, calmly paddling around the huge deadly predators for several minutes. Mark and Forrest used a drone to capture the extraordinary moment which was recorded as part of a documentary exploring the relationship between sharks and humans. Incredibly Kelly and Jessica managed to keep their cool during the encounter despite being surrounded by five of the eight-foot Great Whites. See Caters Copy Published 02 August 2017 Created 02 August 2017
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