Camo Fish

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  • Headline: Camo Fish
  • Caption: CAMO FISH Video Unique id 1411812 Caption VID BY CATERS NEWS- An underwater photographer saw past the disguise of an unusual looking fish who camouflages into its environment so well it is virtually invisible. Vital Bazarov, a professional in the field of amateur and technical diving, was on a dive on the coast of Dehab, Eygpt, when he somehow managed to spot the sly little swimmer. The official name for the fish is the Eurypegasus draconis, also known as a Dragonfish or sea moth and are often no bigger than 180 mm long. Vital said: "The fish commonly occur in relatively shallow coastal waters in open sand or mud substrate in calm areas. SEE CATERS COPY Published 04 August 2017 Created 04 August 2017
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